How to Clean Like the Pros

Below are 7 simple steps to follow in order to achieve a professional level clean!

1)      Devise a Plan:  Before you begin any cleaning job it is important to have a plan of action.  Do you have the appropriate cleaning products?  Do you have all necessary equipment and supplies to get the job done right?  If you are doing the cleaning yourself it can easily become overwhelming especially when working in large spaces such as an office building.  To prevent yourself from being overcome, come up with a cleaning task list that is divided into three categories: daily, detail, and project.  This will help you prioritize and make the most of your time.

2)      Every Move Counts:  When cleaning you want to make the most of your time by managing it well, so you need to come up with a logical approach on how to get the job finished.  For instance, would you do high dusting after wiping off all of the furniture?  Most likely, your answer is no.  Completing tasks in an illogical order wastes time and energy.  By circling the room once you are being as quick and efficient as possible.

3)      Create a Pattern: When completing tasks such as dusting or wiping down the walls, it is best to devise a pattern in which to carry out the job.  Working counter clockwise top to bottom will help prevent missing areas.  Try sticking to the same pattern each time you clean and you will begin to notice that it takes less time to get the job done.  TIP: When you are wiping down walls or large surface areas make sure to overlap strokes – left to right and then up and down – to prevent leaving anything behind.

4)      Knowing the Right Line of Attack:  By using the proper method when cleaning you can save time, use fewer products, and avoid high chemical exposure.  For example, if a surface needs to be wiped down and disinfected should you spray & wipe or damp wipe?  For areas that are heavily soiled such as urinals, the spray & wipe approach would work best.  If a surface is lightly soiled like desk, the damp wipe approach would be most fitting.  TIP: Disinfectant needs to set on the surface to be cleaned or it will not kill all the germs and bacteria. TIP: If dust is visible on a surface then a cleaning polish is most likely needed.

5)      Multitask: Never have idle periods of time.  When you spray remover on a stain and are letting it soak in, don’t just wait by and watch the stain be lifted.  You can fit a mini-chore in that wait period which will let the cleaning agent set long enough to work properly.

6)      Know your start and end points:  Always clean from top to bottom in order to bring the dirt and dust down to the lowest level ensuring you remove all of it.  Also try and clean from dry to wet and dirtiest to cleanest.

7)      Floor Cleaning: Vacuuming is the first defense against dust and mold build up- so it is a task that should be done daily.  To properly vacuum a room, start in the furthest corner and work your way towards the door.  Dry mopping is also an important task that should be done regularly.  By lifting surface dirt you are preventing it from further penetrating the finish of the floors and eventually ruining them.  Dry mopping also prepares the surface for wet mopping.  When you wet mop, make sure you sufficiently wring the mop out leaving it damp – too much saturation can actually leave the floors dirtier than when you started.  TIP: Try and avoid splashing when wet mopping; this can leave a grimy residue behind.

The most important tip for cleaning like the pros is to hire the pros!  Call Envision Commercial Cleaning for your free quote today!

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