Cleaning For Health: Making Your Priorities Our Priorities

We’re in the business of making your workday a little better than it could be. No, we cannot talk to that tough-to-crack upper level for you or fill out this form and that form. But what we can and will do is provide you with a peace of mind that your surroundings are clean and in good hands.

Our green cleaning practices insure that your place of work is both visually and hygienically clean. We avoid cross-contamination of surfaces by using a clever color coding system – a red cloth that cleans a toilet will never clean a counter. The use of microfiber mops and cloths reduce the yearly purchase of the same products by 95% and the annual use of chemicals by 87.5%. We’re confident our practices provide you with a safe and clean environment to work in without concern.

In fact, we are confident enough to offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee – If you aren’t pleased with what we have done, send us your complaint by e-mail or mail and we’ll respond within 48 hours. If this does not happen, we’ll promptly credit you for the period involved.

And if the complaint happens more than twice. The month is on us.

We take our responsibilities to you seriously – your satisfaction with our work is the number one priority.

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