Be Green for Halloween!

Commonly, Halloween is a time of year for tricking and treating, ghosts and goblins, and of course boat loads of candy.  October 31st is just around the corner and the Halloween spirit is in the air.  All of the activities that come with the territory can really leave a big carbon footprint behind.  There are many ways to go green for Halloween!  Listed below are six tips to help the average bear celebrate a healthy and eco-friendly Halloween.

Green Costumes: How many people do you have living in your house?  Multiply that number by 66.54 and you get the average amount that you will be predicted to spend for this Halloween.  Americans are expected to shell out $5.77 billion for October 31st this year which breaks down to $66.54 per every person (that really adds up!) One way to not only save money but to help protect Mother Nature is to make a costume that is reusable and recyclable.  You can use old clothes or cardboard boxes to craft a nifty and thrifty costume for any age.

Green Treats:  Instead of giving out candy that is going to rot kids’ teeth give out other treats like fake tattoos or pennies for UNICEF.  A really good alternative to candy is giving out cups of apple cider – help those kids hydrate during all that running around from house to house.  These healthy alternatives not only are healthy but they cut down all the waste from candy wrappers.

Green trick or treating: Have your child use a reusable sack to collect all their treats in.  Reusable buckets, canvas bags, or pillow cases are great alternatives to the store-bought, plastic candy buckets you use once and throw away.

Green decorations: Pumpkins and gourds are great eco-friendly ideas for decorating this Halloween.  Try looking on Pinterest for clever ways to spruce up the average pumpkin.  Take the family to the local farmer’s market to pick out some pumpkins to decorate! Anything biodegradable can be composted afterwards, so you can cut down on waste.  TIP- Traditional candles have paraffin in the wax that can release toxic chemicals in their smoke and soot, like toluene and benzene.  A great alternative are soy candles – they last longer and are made from the renewable soy bean crop.

Green Party: If you are having a party this Halloween try sending e-vites instead of paper ones.  This is a great and easy way to cut back on paper waste.  For your cutlery and plates, purchase recyclable ones or compostable ones.  Purchase cloth napkins from your local goodwill for guests to use instead of paper.  They are easy to wash and reuse.  You can mix and match colors to go with your party décor.

Green Cleanup:  Anything that you used in decorations or costumes that can be reused – REUSE IT!  Place items in bins that you can store and enjoy again next Halloween.  Most importantly, RECYCLE AND COMPOST!

Going green on Halloween is a simple step that has potential for a great impact on our environment!


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