The 3 D’s of Spring Cleaning

It’s about that time of year again, when everyone partakes in the annual deep cleaning of their homes.  What most people do not think about is that it is equally important to have a clean workplace as it is to have a clean home.  Hiring professional cleaners can greatly improve the cleanliness of the workplace without the added stress of doing it alone.  Regularly scheduled office cleans are important in the upkeep of your business, but a good spring clean is essential to reach the spots where seasonal dirt can collect.  While certain tasks are better left to the professionals, there are three tips to keep in mind when doing spring cleaning on your own.

The 3 D’s of spring cleaning:

1) Disinfect- While disinfecting common areas is important to do on a regular basis, it is important not to forget those extra hard to reach places that gather dirt throughout the winter season.  Make a list of areas that need to be cleaned and let your janitorial company know when they come in for the next scheduled clean.  Disinfecting surfaces is important to fight germs and bacteria.

2) Deodorize- In the cold weather months the office can become somewhat stuffy, causing a stale smell when spring time comes.  Proper carpet cleaning can prevent musty smells and freshen your office atmosphere while improving the indoor air quality which is imperative with allergy season on its way.

3) Declutter- Decluttering floors and countertops can go a long way when it comes to spring cleaning an office.  If the clutter is taken care of, then the cleaning crew can properly clean floors and surface areas ensuring a deep clean is achieved.  Clutter also negatively affects work productivity, so cutting the extra paperwork and muddle is important for high employee morale.

Many of the tasks that you do at home for spring cleaning should also be addressed at the office.  Windows, flooring, doors, framework, walls, window treatments and floor coverings all benefit from an intense cleaning.  Keeping in mind the three D’s of spring cleaning, the most important tip for accomplishing a successful spring cleaning is to hire the professionals to come in and thoroughly deep clean all these hard to reach and hard to clean areas.  Envision Commercial Cleaning offers free quotes for your commercial cleaning needs.  It is 100% free so why not call our offices and set up your free quote today?

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