Tips on How to Keep Your Office Clean and Clutter-free

When it comes to office cleanliness, always keep in mind that just because an area is neat and tidy does not make it clean.  Germs and bacteria can be lurking anywhere and everywhere.  As it is always best to hire the Professionals to do the heavy duty scheduled cleans, there are always steps to take on our own behalf to keep a clean working environment on a day to day basis.  Here are a few tips that really help keep the germ count low!

For starters, it is always easiest to clean an office that is free of clutter- look into furniture that has a de-cluttering purpose like filing cabinets, book shelves, or desktop organizers.  Removing the mess in everyone’s peripheral vision will help boost productivity as well, so you end up killing two birds with one stone.

Stress the importance of hand washing!  Think of all the areas that multiple employees come in contact with on a daily basis- the copy machine, office phones, conference areas, eating areas, and a whole slew of other places.  Every surface you touch transfers germs onto your hands, and these germs can spread to other areas or even infect yourself if you touch your nose, mouth or eyes.  The next time you go to press the “Copy” button, think about all the thousands of germs that may be lurking invisible to the unaided eye.  That scary thought should be motivation enough to start washing hands!

Always keep sanitizer and disinfecting products handy.  Something as simple as spraying a disinfectant spray morning and night can greatly reduce germ and bacteria levels.  By keeping things simple, employees are more likely to participate and help the cause – Try placing disinfecting wipes in common work areas.  Having wipes readily available makes employees more likely to wipe down their own areas.  In one Clorox study, wiping down desks was found to cause a 99.9 percent reduction in bacteria levels!  Also important to remember, hand sanitizer is a quick fix to germy hands!  The more places you keep it, the more employees will use it.  Try placing them in areas of high traffic, like the copy room or the break room.  When you purchase cleaner or wipes, make sure to buy ones that specifically say “sanitizing” or “disinfecting” on the label.  Products that are just anti-bacterial do not kill viruses such as influenza.

Above all else, when it comes to cleaning- HIRE THE PROS!  Envision Commercial Cleaning can pledge that we will do our best to provide a healthy environment for you and your employees to work in on a day to day basis!



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