Keeping Kids Cold and Flu Free: Day Care Cleaning

Keep kids cold and flu free with day care cleaning

A chance for new friends and exciting experiences give daycare and preschool parents plenty of reason to do what they do for their kids. But with the fun times of crafts, learning and friends comes the darker side of germs, germs and more germs. As you may guess, your typical day care is an ideal place for harboring the things that can make your child sick, no matter how well maintained. Luckily, a few things can be done by you and the staff – little things which will go a long way to help keep your day care or preschool experience as safe and germ-free as possible.

1.    Sanitize. Sanitize Everything

Every toy, chair, heck even the walls are potential homes for germs. It’s important for the staff of your son or daughter’s class to make big efforts to disinfect things like toys as close to daily as humanly possible.

2.    You can help, too

Is your daughter feeling under the weather? Keep her home! For the most part, kids are very social with one another. By keeping a sick child home, you drastically reduce (or even eliminate) the chance of spreading sickness-causing germs to others.

3.    It starts at home

Hand washing is an easy thing to look over. Tip: do NOT look over it! The hands are the obvious #1 contact point for kids and adults alike. By keeping your child’s hands washed regularly, you eliminate many of the germs that otherwise would be spread around the room.

In addition to this, teaching your child proper “sneeze etiquette” will also help to contain germs. Have them use a tissue, covering the entire mouth and nose during a sneeze. We all know kids share – maybe their new sneeze trick will spread instead of germs!

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Do you and your family practice these tips already? What other practices do you believe battle the spread of germs?

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