[InfoGraphic] Natural Cleaning Part 2: DIY Pantry Recipes

Currently green cleaning practices appear to be on the rise as more and more shoppers are making it a priority to clean for health. With more consumers making the leap from traditional to green another inevitable question has arisen: homemade vs. store-bought?  Living eco-consciously should not mean having to forfeit frugality.

The suggested homemade version for a dusting aid would cost $1.10 for 17 ounces while Pledge Polish is $5.47 for 17 ounces.  The suggested homemade version of tile and tub cleaner costs $1.85 for 24 ounces while Lysol Tub & Tile is $4.99 for 24 ounces.  Overall, switching to homemade cleaning products saves an average of $1,612.00 over a period of five years!

The solution?  DIY pantry recipes.  Instead of toxic traditional cleansers, or pricey green store-bought products, there is a myriad of natural ingredients from the pantry that can be used to make your own cleaners!  [click on the infographic below to zoom in/out]



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