How to Clean the Germiest Spot in the Office

As it is one of the dirtiest places in the office, the keyboard is a tricky mechanism to clean.  If you let the dirt and debris remain in the cracks of your keyboard for too long you may wind up with a malfunctioning device. Studies have found that the number of germs lurking on your office keyboard can be 5 times higher than those found on the office toilet seat.  The numerous keys and the crevices in between provide a safe haven for bacteria and microbes to thrive.  A keyboard is an absolute office necessity and we have physical contact with it for most of the day whether it is being used to type or simply having a lunch enjoyed overhead.  These food crumbs followed by greasy smudges from unwashed hands pecking away create an environment where germs will flourish.  Many do not think to clean their keyboards on a regular basis, but with the threat of bacteria – like E.coli or staph – lurking at your fingertips, it is a necessity in the workplace.

To clean your keyboard, be sure to first unplug the device.  Then gently shake out all the loose crumbs and other fragments over a wastebasket.  After shaking out what you can, hold the keyboard vertically (still over the wastebasket) and use a can of compressed air to knock those more stubborn crumbs loose.  Make sure to pay special attention to the crevices in between keys, dislodging all physical remnants.  A good suggestion for stubborn pieces left behind is a quality soft bristle brush to further knock everything loose.

Once all crumbs and dirt have been knocked off, it is time to take care of the smaller particles: germs!  Use antibacterial wipes and give your keys a good once over.  It is okay to use cotton swabs and a small amount of rubbing alcohol to banish any stubborn grime. Just be sure not to drench the cotton swabs; you don’t want any excess running down into the wiring of the keyboard.

Once your keyboard is officially cleaned, try and practice this procedure on a semi regular basis to avoid the spread of germs in the office!

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