Restroom Cleaning & Odor Control

Restrooms say a lot about your facility and can present the greatest cleaning challenge. Your Envision Clean Green Team pays particular attention to proper restroom cleaning to assure your restrooms are clean, orderly, odor-free, and well-stocked.

Our restroom cleaning includes, but is not limited to:

General Clean

We use color-coded microfiber rags to eliminate cross contamination and capture dirt, grime, and micro-organisms. Your Envision Clean Green Team uses Green Seal certified cleaners to deliver a safer way to clean for your tenants and visitors. These cleaners extend the life of the surfaces cleaned as they are safer than traditional formulations.

Floor Clean Restroom flooring is treated with a neutral pH, quaternary disinfectant cleaner that delivers a broad spectrum kill of bacteria and viruses. It helps to eliminate odor-producing bacteria while inhibiting mildew growth. Floor surfaces are shiny and streak-free without any residue that can cause slips.

Stall Clean

We routinely clean stall walls and toilet partitions with a quaternary disinfectant to eliminate any odor-causing bacteria that is splashed by the toilet flushing. Sinks, toilets and urinals are also disinfected, as well as sanitary napkin dispensers.

Odor Control

No single product or cleaning program will eliminate restroom odors. We take an integrated approach to odor control. We use a bio-enzymatic urine digester that naturally breaks down and digests organic stains and odors. We use Green Seal certified cleaners that naturally clean and deodorize surfaces. Additional odor control is available with urinal cakes and automatic, metered sprays.

Paper Products

We re-stock paper and soap products and monitor the usage, alerting you to the need for re-ordering.

Hand Soap

The number one factor in decreasing the spread of illness is hand washing. We make sure you never run out of hand soap.

Our tile and grout intensive renews the look and brilliance of this restroom surface.

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  • We were very satisfied with the team from Envision, and look forward to working with them in the future. We have worked with several other cleaning services in the past, and the team at Envision were the first to meet and exceed our expectations.

    - Adam Harms , Compass Group USA