Retail & Shopping Center Venues

Envision offers two basic maintenance packages to meet your cleaning and maintenance needs. Since we are locally owned and operated, we can adapt these packages to accommodate your individual requirements.

Cleaning Common Areas And Aisles

We pay special attention to areas that can escape the attention of other cleaning contractors. We provide services for popular retail surfaces such as granite, terrazzo and VCT flooring. We care about your facility’s environment and use environmentally preferred cleaning products and equipment. Special odor-control products leave your venue smelling fresh and clean, not overly disinfected.

Cleaning Dressing Rooms

All walls, doors, and benches in dressing rooms are wiped-down with environmentally preferred cleaners and microfiber cloths. We regularly look for spots and stains on carpet and remove them when needed.

Cleaning Windows / Mirrors

We remove unsightly fingerprints and smudges with the most environmentally preferred techniques and cleaners.

Restrooom Cleaning

Restrooms say a lot about your venue and can present the greatest cleaning challenge. Our services assure employees and visitors see a restroom that is clean, orderly, well-stocked, and odor-free.

Cleaning Individual Store Offices, Workspaces

Our staff is trained to respect the individual workspace of retail locations, yet provide necessary cleaning and maintenance services.

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  • The open house went extremely well and I am very pleased with how the building turned out. We heard three hundred positive comments about the building. Definitely thank your people for me; they all did a very professional and outstanding job, from Chris to Dan and the couple that clean the building and the carpet cleaners, everyone stepped up and I/we here at Melink are very grateful for your support. This event would not have been as successful without all of your outstanding work. Thanks again.

    - Philip Yockey , Melink Corporation