Clutter & Stress

It may be no surprise to most people, but clutter at the office leads to decreased productivity and can even cause stress.  Clutter is anything that can cause an exasperating distraction that makes it difficult to relax or focus.  As our physical environments become more and more cluttered, our thoughts and ideas become scattered and disorganized.

Clutter and Stress are Directly Related!

The sight of a mess immediately drains you of a positive mood and can trigger subtle yet constant stress.  The average worker that has a messy desk spends about 1.5 hours per day looking for something or being distracted.  That adds up to 7.5 hours per week!  In the event that someone cannot find exactly what they are looking for, stress levels are heightened.  In 2009 Office Depot conducted a study that found the following:

  • 30% of respondents admitted to losing a file or important document due to a messy desk
  • 47% found that they had lost time due to disorganization
  • 16% had been late to a meeting because of not being organized

When someone has a clean and organized desk not only do they not lose time looking for things, they project a positive and together image to other coworkers.  Sixty percent of respondents in the Office Depot Study agreed that a clean, organized desk means the person is on top of things and working hard.

If you need help projecting your positive work image and cutting stress the most important thing to remember is to make time not only to establish an organized system at work but to maintain that system.  Many people struggle keeping things organized and clutter-free because they simply do not take the time to maintain their organizational system.

Also keep in mind that a clutter-free office does not mean germ-free!  It does make it easier for professionals to come in and give your office a thorough clean.  Call Envision Commercial Cleaning for your free quote today!


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