Being Eco-Friendly & Getting Organized

Organizing to ease stress levels can be done in ways that are thoughtful to the environment.   Here are some organization ideas for the eco-friendly minded:

Reduce:  Always think before you buy; the less stuff you have, the less you have to organize.  Don’t make a purchase unless you really need it.

Reuse: Think in terms of if you can’t use something, can someone else?  Donate anything that might be of assistance to others.  Always of help, check out to find a facility near you to donate specific items.  Also check out – it is the internet’s alternative landfill, and they donate their goods to nonprofit organizations.

Repair: So many of us are quick to replace an item when it breaks.  Checking to see if an item can be repaired before you replace it helps lessen your carbon footprint at many steps in the manufacturing cycle.

Repurpose: A new craze of up-cycling, try looking at an item in new light… mix match dishes can be used to hold jewelry with small pieces; or a wine case that has dividers is great for storing ornaments.

Recycle:  Before you begin your organization process, know your recyclable guidelines; what can be recycled and where can you take recyclables?  Check out for recycling info – they offer incentives for recycling!

Rethink: As you are going through your items, think about why you bought something, how you used it and if you really needed it.

Other helpful tips:

  • Think quality items over quantity.
  • Clean with non-toxic cleaners to eliminate VOC emissions.
  • Remove your name from junk mail lists
  • Enroll in E-Bills to eliminate paper waste from statements each month
  • Remember that organized space is more easily cleaned space!
  • Recycle all paper items!

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