Surviving Allergy Season

It is about that time of year when allergies start affecting those who suffer from them.  When an office isn’t cleaned properly a large amount of allergens tend to collect.  An allergen is a small particle that can cause irritation if inhaled.  These particles are carried through the air or can settle on surfaces and floors.  Larger debris such as pollen, dust mite and cockroach debris tend to settle faster.  Surface allergens can be easily disrupted even by dusting!  Once these particles are disrupted and are back in the air supply, those in the vicinity can breathe them in causing a variety of health problems.

Allergens affect a building’s IAQ (Indoor Air Quality).  When an office has poor IAQ those who are present in that building will suffer.  Adults who work full time jobs are at the office for the majority of their waking hours, making it almost a home away from home.  When allergens are inhaled there are immediate effects such as irritation of the eyes, nose and throat;  allergens can also make someone suffer from asthma.  Long term effects from poor IAQ are more serious and can range from respiratory disease to heart disease and even cancer!  James Sublett MD, Asthma and Allergy Specialist, found that allergies are the number two reason why adults miss work.  Even if one suffering does not miss work, their symptoms can cause low productivity.

When trying to eliminate pollutants and raise the IAQ the most important factor is finding the source.  Eliminating the source is the most efficient way in clearing the pollutants from the air.  Hiring a professional cleaning company can greatly help the fight against allergens!  Envision Commercial Cleaning uses green cleaning techniques to efficiently eliminate airborne and surface allergens, using environmentally friendly cleaners that do not contain VOC (volatile organic compounds) therefore helping improve IAQ.  (Take a look at this green clean infographic for more information on VOCs and the dangers of conventional cleaners!)

Hiring a professional crew such as Envision Commercial Cleaning will help maintain good IAQ in the long run but there are steps you can follow on your own that will help the cause.  Vacuuming on a weekly basis helps remove dirt and dust particles that can build up over time, eventually even ruining your carpet.  Try and limit the number of plants in the office; plants provide a perfect environment for mold and bacteria to grow.  Prevent moisture around areas such as sinks and bathrooms.  Most importantly, remember to change the building’s air filter frequently!  The bottom line is, keeping the workplace as germ free and allergen free as possible is important to the success of your business and the health of your employees.


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