[Tips and Tricks] Eco-Friendly Cleaning Inexpensively

With the deluge of information available concerning the harmful effects of chemical cleaners, more people are turning to eco-friendly products.  A walk down any supermarket cleaning aisle will reveal increasing numbers of products being marketed as eco-friendly and chemical free.  Although it is extremely positive that more people are becoming aware of the downsides of using harsh chemicals in the home, the proliferation of commercial ‘green’ cleaners can give the impression that green cleaning needs to be an expensive luxury and is often just a way for the manufacturers of chemical cleaning products to jump on the environmentally friendly bandwagon.

In reality all you need to make your own eco-friendly cleaning products are a few simple household ingredients, an empty spray bottle and bit of initiative. The results are just as effective as the commercial products, less toxic and best of all cheaper. Here are three ways you can clean your whole house using just three simple, cheap ingredients.


  • White Vinegar
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil

Eco-friendly all-purpose cleaning spray

Fill an old spray bottle half full with white vinegar, top up with warm water and add a few drops each of lavender and tea tree oil. Shake. Smells great and cleans all surfaces – just squirt on to a clean rag and wipe over shelves to remove dust, or spray directly on surface in bathrooms.  This works well on stubborn stains in conjunction with baking soda – simply sprinkle baking soda on surface and spray on top for a bit of extra oomph.  It can even be used as an air freshener – a few squirts into the air and your room will be smelling clean and fresh with no need for synthetic chemicals.

Chemical-free Window Cleaner

White vinegar is excellent for cleaning windows and mirrors. Simply fill an empty bottle with white vinegar, spray the area and wipe off.  Using old newspaper gives a really crisp streak free finish, or a microfiber rag works as well.  If having a house that smells like a fish and chip shop doesn’t appeal, add a few drops of lavender oil to the bottle – lavender oil is also great for cleaning glass and will help to mask the vinegary smell.

Environmentally Safe Floor Cleaner

Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic.  If you are in search of a way to disinfect your floors yet at the same time would prefer your crawling baby not to ingest abrasive chemicals, a simple yet effective disinfectant can be made by combining a few drops of tea tree oil in half a bucket of white vinegar and hot water.  Use this to mop kitchen and bathroom floors – it will leave your tiles shining and fill your whole house with a pleasant fresh smell – much nicer than bleach!

If green-cleaning your home is a chore and you don’t want to take it to the office, get in touch with us today!

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