Locally owned and operated

Envision is locally owned and operated by brothers Joseph and Robert Okum. They take pride in top notch service and comprehensive customer satisfaction, which is not only an Envision staple but a family tradition. A tradition that is carried throughout a long history of family owned and operated service-based organizations.

Over the years, Envision Commercial Cleaning has consistently provided janitorial and maintenance solutions demonstrating themselves to be one of the growing leaders in the commercial cleaning industry. We personally ensure that all management staff and employees are properly trained and supported with the most current techniques, tools, technology, and solvents. We are proud to consider our organization family owned and operated and pride ourselves on strong partnerships with our clients and their organizations.

“[Envision Commercial Cleaning] resolves to keep all our properties meticulously clean. I would not hesitate to refer this company to anyone. I actually work out of town along with all other maintenance services staff and have found [Envision] to be a true asset to our team. More importantly we see [Envision] as a partner in the success of our schools and not a standard service provider. If you would like to speak with me feel free to contact me. I would be happy to discuss the services and responsiveness of the [Envision] organization with you personally.”

– Brian Simmons


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  • Addition is an Automotive Manufacturing Plant, and we have been in business for over 35 years. We have been through many cleaning companies, and I believe the best decision we have made is to put our cleaning needs in the hands of Envision Commercial Cleaning. We rarely get a complaint about the services we are receiving, unlike before we hired them when it was a weekly problem from our office personnel. I would highly recommend Envision for all your cleaning service needs.